Taking the struggle out of life

What will QR do for me

stress relief, relieve anxiety
  • Alleviate stress
  • Clear chronic depression
  • Heal deep-seated traumas
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Improve relationships
  • Enhance self confidence
  • Gain greater self esteem
  • Calm negative thinking
  • Clear the blockages that stop you reaching your business and life goals
  • Address weight issues
  • Help you be at peace with yourself
  • Help you be more of you and less of what you are not

Chronic problems need an average of 8 sessions and conditions which have lasted for many years can be cleared.

Just be yourself!

How many times have you heard that phrase when you're trying to sort out a personal problem or perform well in an interview? Someone, thinking they are being helpful, tells you "Just be yourself."

How many people know what it means to Be Yourself?

When someone says "Be Yourself," they usually intend for you to be more relaxed and authentic , greater than who you think you are, beyond your own self-imposed limitations.

How can you Be Yourself if you doubt yourself, worry constantly, have on-going negative thoughts, lack confidence and self esteem, are stressed or depressed? These negative states are going to affect everything around you - relationships with your family, work colleagues, friends and acquaintances and also your performance at work or in sports.

Many people live their lives with a grumbling sense of discontent, feeling that something is missing and 'things' should feel better.

Struggle and resistance.

We have been taught that there is virtue in struggle and it is noble to struggle but it is this very struggle which causes us physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain and distress. In reality, this struggle keeps us stuck. When we struggle we feel we are pushing against a brick wall and we become blocked, and so we struggle even more to get rid of the problem. We then judge ourselves for not being able to break through, which causes yet more pain and struggle! Our non acceptance of What Is causes the pain. The way we have been trained is to be solution orientated, so when we can't find the solution, we live in despair, exhaustion, frustration or have low vitality.

stress relief, relieve anxiety
  • What if the 'thing' that is missing is the Real You?
  • What if the Real You is free from nagging doubts and self-sabotaging negativity?
  • What if the Real You is at peace with yourself, responding to life and handling things as they occur?
  • What if the Real You has more energy and vitality to spend on living your life as you choose?

Q. What stops you being the Real You?
A. Being stuck in archetypical stories and patterns with their Negative Thought Forms (QR's term for negative feelings and emotions) which you've spent your life subconsciously recreating over and over again.

Q. How does Quantum Release solve the problem?
A. By helping you find peace, self acceptance and balance through using your innate ability to accept and dissolve the stuck patterns.

The Real You is not a formula - everyone is uniquely different 'you-nique'
The good news is that the Real You is not far away and can be rediscovered easily.