Taking the struggle out of life

What is QR

Quantum Release is not new. Working with energy is thousands of years old and this is an integrated system of fast energy techniques. It is an intuitive approach which introduces a fresh way of dealing with personal issues. If there are tears during a QR session, they are often tears of relief that the issue is gone. Many clients laugh and smile with surprise at the speed at which painful memories are dissolved.

The purpose of QR sessions is to free you from the emotional effects of any unhappy experience, no matter what it was and to put you back in charge of your life so that you feel more secure and peaceful. This can take days or a few weeks, rather than several months or years of conventional talk therapies. QR helps point you in the direction of who you really are.

QR works with feelings, the energy of the story and the body including cellular memory.

You do not have to relive unpleasant experiences or relate details of experiences.

QR works with the archetypal energy of the story of the individual. The psychologist Carl Jung considered these stories to be primordial images, spontaneous products of the Psyche. These images are expressed through dreams, religious beliefs, myths and fairy tales. They are universal forms of thought experienced by everybody. Like the Hero's Journey we are caught in the struggle to survive, to win the maiden and return home with the prize and only then will we be rewarded. We have become lost in this struggle of the Hero's Journey and have forgotten who we really are. Instead we find ourselves repeating our stories and dramas, over and over again, like an old gramophone record, perpetuating the struggle.

Quantum Release neutralises the struggle and resistance, bringing us to a stage of deep inner peace and acceptance.

  • Quantum Release keeps your secrets secret.
  • Quantum Release helps you be who you really are.
  • Quantum Release brings you into balance with your self and the world around you.
Note: Despite the amazing results achieved through QR for a wide variety of psychological and physiological problems, QR is a complementary therapy and should not be seen as a remedy or a substitute for medical treatment in the case of acute problems. Quantum Release cannot cure cancer or any chronic illness. However, it can reduce, or even eliminate, the stress and fears surrounding the illness. Because there are no drugs or invasive procedures involved in the application of QR, it is perfectly safe to use it alongside other forms of medication and complementary therapies. However, QR offers such quick and effective results that you may not feel the need to use additional therapies.