Taking the struggle out of life

Welcome to Quantum Release

Are you trying really hard but getting nowhere?
  • Do you often feel depressed, anxious and out of sorts?
  • Are you stressed, tense and frequently angry for no good reason?
  • Are you finding it difficult to cope with life - feeling overwhelmed and out of control?

Imagine what is happening in your body when your mind is flooded with negative thoughts.
According to world renowned neuropharmacologist Candace Pert PhD, every time we have a negative thought we release toxins in to our body.
The average human being has 70,000 thoughts each and every day.

How many of your thoughts are positive and helpful? stress relief, anxiety, depression, quantum release

The Quantum Release System allows you to quieten your mind and when the mind quietens down we are able to make much better, more considered decisions.

Quantum Release can help you transform your life. It can free you from unhelpful responses, allowing you to choose your reaction, leading to a more peaceful and calm experience. It will reduce stress and just make life a whole lot easier.

Quantum Release is focused and fast.

depression, stress relief, anxiety, quantum release

"After fifteen years of trying various treatments for depression and anxiety, including Prozac, I've been surprised at how effective - and fast - Quantum Release has been. I have more positive energy and feel that the depression and nagging anxiety are fading away day by day. "

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could handle any situation calmly and confidently, whatever the outcome. Quantum Release gives you a deceptively simple and highly effective technique that once learnt you can apply to all areas of discomfort in your life.

"I am in a state of greater calm then normal and I am detached from previous worries which now feel and seem inconsequential."

Imagine being able to identify, address and release your deepest upsets without having to verbalise and disclose any traumatic events. Then imagine that after a very few sessions, long standing issues are resolved so completely that you are never troubled by them again.